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Local parks

Item Name
Email from Manager Open Space and Trees Woollahra Muncipal Council - 13/09/2022
Fig tree decay report - 13/09/2022
Wentworth Courier article in PDF format - 30/08/2022
Woollahra Council Meeting 22nd August 2022 Meeting agenda - 24/08/2022
Woollahra Municipal Council Meeting 22nd August 2022 recap in PDF format - 24/08​/2022
The Darling Point Society Inc response letter, to the Local Community and Society Members, 11/08/2022
Sydney Morning Herald article Can they make it more obvious? Skaterboys dispair. Article written by Michael Koziol, 08/08/2022
DPS letter to Hon Premier Domenic Perrottet regarding the Skate Park - 01/08/2022
Speech by Charlotte Feldman in PDF format to the Finance Community & Services Committee Meeting - 01/08​/2022
FC-and-S-Agenda-1-Aug-2022-FINAL - Skatepark Item R1 - 01/08/2022
Skate Park Notice of Motion query response Youth Recreation Facility - 14/06/2022
NSW Government media release, NSW Government Crown Reserves Improvement Fund media release - 03/05/2022
Rushcutters Bay Youth Recreation Facility: skate park war reignites with Woollahra council motion - 24/02/2022
Youth Recreational Facility Letter to General Manager Craig McNair - 19/02/2022
Youth Recreational Facility Letter to Mayor Susan Wynne​ - 19/02/2022
A Rescission motion submission for the Skate park has been submitted to the WMC - 11/02/2022
Parklands Bill to face inquiry - 11/02/2022
Article in CityHub, by The Darling Point Society - 11/02/2022
Correspondance regarding Skateboard Park to WMC General Manager - 23rd December 2021
Darling Point Society City Hub 17th December 2021 - Skateboard park
Pathways and ramps upgrade for Trumper Park - 23/09/2021
New correspondence from Council regarding the Yarranabbe Park planned Seawall Stairs. This is is response to correspondence dated 18 August 2021. - 16/09/2021
Enhanced view of the Yarranabbe Plaza Plan
Yarranabbe Park Concept Plan - 24/08/2021
Letter to Director - Infrastructure and Stability Tom O'Hanlon - 18/08/2021
Yarranabbe Park Plan of Management re-design - 12/08/2021
Response from Director - Infrastructure and Stability Tom O'Hanlon response, 12/08/2021
Initial letter, submitted to WMC GM Craig Swift-McNair - 04/08/2021
Yarranabbe Park Plaza Proposed Master Plan - July 2012
Yarranabbe Plane of Management Jult 2012
Darling Point Edge Letters Section, March 2021
CityHub article Rushcutters Bay: Heritage report concerns community over skate park development.  Published 3rd August 2021 by Tessa Pelle
NSW Heritage Act Review undertaken - 08/04/2021
Rushcutters Bay Park 29/03/2021 update
Submission on State Strategic Plan for Crown Lands NSW submitted to NSW Government
NSW Listing on the State Heritage Register - Rushcutters Bay and Yarranabbe Park - DOC20/494809
'Fine balance': NSW government moves to protect park with heritage listing.
Notice of Heritage Council recommendation to list on the State Heritage Register
Griffith University, Skate parks as a context for adolescent development
Tides along the Darling Point Shore Line
  • Preserving trees and parks and comment on planting and pruning schemes.

  • 16/08/2020 - Minister Rob Stokes has released details of a new competition to "seize the moment" and come up with ideas for parks and public facilities.  More details in the news story - Link to SMH article in PDF format.

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