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Public Transport

  • Worked with our State Member the Hon. Gabrielle Upton to have a lift built at Edgecliff Station. The lift is now open.


  • Successfully lobbied Council to establish a site-specific DCP for Darling Point and other areas of Woollahra.​

  • It is now in constant use as a legitimate defense against demolition and over-development.

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  • Recognition of the 1997 Howard Tanner Report identifying potential heritage housing stock to be preserved and protected on Darling Point. 

  • Successfully campaigned against development at  83-83a Yarranabbe Rd for breach of the  30 metre foreshore building  line and increased height ratio. If passed, the development would have set a precedent as there has not been any building on the foreshore for over 50 years, and opening the way for more encroachment of the foreshore.

Heritage Listings

  • Heritage listing of Duntrim House within Ascham School Heritage listing of Yarranabbe Park Seawall

  • State Heritage listing of Rushcutters and Yarranabbe Parks.

  • Heritage listing of seawall in Yarranabbe Park.

  • Preservation of Babsworth House.

Local parks and trees

Darling Point Society Skate Park Petition submission to Parliament June 20 2019
  • Worked with Council to establish the Yarranabbe Park playground Save the avenue of Ficus Hilli in New Beach Rd from view removal Securing the caretaker’s cottage in McKell Park for seniors’ activities Ensuring Woollahra Council controls the Sir David Martin Reserve Stopping encroachment of the road reserve at McKell Park Upgrade of Goomerah Reserve Opposed a 76 seater restaurant in the western section of Rushcutters Bay Park Opposed the retention of the Olympics 100 berth marina of Rushcutters Bay for private use.

  • New items installed in Yarranabbe Park

    • seating

    • plantings

    • paths

    • shade cloth on playground

  • Preservation of ficus hilli trees in northern New beach Rd.

Other local issues

  • Supported Council in its successful opposition to the state government’s planned amalgamation of Woollahra with Waverley and Randwick

Committee Members

Robert Pompei

Max Herford

Michael Taylor

Robert Pompei

Roger Bendall

Annette Blinco

Kathy Hagios

Karin Olah

Emeritus Prof Arie Rotem AM

Jasmine Steel

Darling Point Society Skate Park Petition submission to Parliament June 20 2019


Vice President









Darling Point Society Skate Park Petition submission to Parliament June 20 2019
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