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Craigend Historic home


Seawall with green space

darling point harbour.jpg

The green space in Darling Point - Yarranabbe Park

Since 1998 the Society has been working to stem the hastening erosion of tree-lined streets and the demolition of historical homes that make Darling Point such a beautiful place to live and the preservation of the harbour foreshore.

Preserving public and private open space is a priority. We strive to work with Council towards improvements of public amenities, parks, playgrounds, foreshore conservation.

The Darling Point Society’s mission was and remains that NOT all change or development in the suburb is adverse, nor that progress and sensitive increase in density should be rejected. The balance between development and amenity, heritage and character and the rights of property holders and residents should be shaped by community debate and INFORMED assessment by elected representatives on Woollahra Council.

The Darling Point Society endeavours to ensure that the CONCERTED voice of residents is heard. It has earned a respected opinion at Council. It expects accountability and demands transparency. It aims to save what is lovely of what is left in one of the most densely populated, oldest and most historic areas of Sydney.

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