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Update on the Skateboard Park in Rushcutters Bay and Yarranabbe Park Plaza - 7th August 2021

The Woollahra Municipal Council, has been mentioned once again in the Darling Point Edge seeking confirmation on the status of the Yarranabbe Plaza development. The document and update was provided by a Society member, thank you.

The letters to the editor include a response from the Manager of Open Space and Trees of the Woollahra Municipal Council. There is also mention of a heritage tree, being neglected in the possible site of the proposed Skatepark.

The July 2012 Yarranabbe Plan of Management and July 2012 Yarranabbe Plaza Seawall Proposed Masterplan is included below for reference:

Download PDF • 3.80MB

Sea Wall Plaza from YPPM final adopted July 2012
Download PDF • 437KB

Please open the PDF attachment below for more information:

Darling Point Edge August 2021
Download PDF • 7.79MB

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