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Update on the Skateboard Park in Rushcutters Bay and Yarranabbe Park Plaza - 5th August 2021

Since our Last post The Darling Point Society Inc Has received multiple enquiries about council’s plan for Rushcutters Bay and Yarranabbe Parks particularly from residents who thought the issue had been resolved with the State Heritage Act.

These have been elaborated on in the CityHub, published by Tessa Pelle in the 3rd August 2021.

Please follow the link to the article listed below or open the PDF version:

Rushcutters Bay_ Heritage report concerns community over skate park development - City Hub
Download • 4.68MB

More details expected from Council and further Darling point Society Inc media releases other related issues to be released prior to election.

The Darling Point Society Inc thanks the community for their ongoing support.

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