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Update on the Skateboard Park in Rushcutters Bay and Yarranabbe Park Plaza - 29th July 2021


The issue is still very much alive. Council has undertaken a Conservation Management Strategy for both Rushcutters Bay park skateboard park (they call it the Youth Recreation facility) and Yarranabbe Park Plaza - the opening of the seawall for dog swimming.

Simultaneously a Heritage Impact Statement (HIS) is also being prepared independently to try and get an amendment the State Heritage Order currently in place for the parks to somehow get special granting to build the skateboard park in Rushcutters Bay and cut into the heritage listed seawall for a swimming plaza in Yarranabbe. In other words, it is trying to circumvent the Section S60 order.

All 15 councillors are still in favour of this skatepark despite our long running campaign against it. There are rumours that the 2 reports have been approved and kept away from the public.

In partnership with Double Bay Residents Group, Darling Point Society is preparing a list of questions to councillors running in the next election which include the Skateboard Park in Rushcutters Bay Park, the opening of the seawall in Yarranabbe Park.

A complete list of questions will be published in the next week.

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