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Woollahra Municipal Council Council Public Space Legacy Program - Survey 26th November 2020

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Have your say on our next public space project, with multiple areas of specific mention:

· Knox Street, Double Bay – creating a pedestrianised public plaza between Bay Street and Goldman Lane as envisaged in the Double Bay Pedestrianisation Study 2020.

This project would include full road closure and creation of paved public plaza with seating areas and public art elements. Indicative cost $3.6m.

· Guilfoyle Park, Double Bay – finalising the staged upgrade to the main public plaza of the Double Bay business centre. The project includes a water feature and expanded plaza area to facilitate public gatherings and events. Indicative cost $800k - $1m.

· Bellevue Park, Bellevue Hill – providing a new perimeter active transport (walking or cycling) route to link Birriga Road and Bellevue Park Road. Indicative cost $700k - $1m

· Marine Parade, Watsons Bay – revisioning the public domain adjacent to the Watsons Bay Baths to improve pedestrian connectivity between existing open space at Robertson Park and Watsons Bay Beach with the public baths, Gibsons Beach, Tea Rooms and the public library. Indicative cost $800k - $1m

To respond and provide your feedback on these areas, open the PDF document below:

Your Say New Council Survey 26112020
Download PDF • 119KB

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