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Woollahra Council Finance Committee - 17th February 2020 Meeting extract

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

A family enjoying the green space in Rushcutters Bay Park
A family enjoying the green space in Rushcutters Bay Park

Councillor Anthony Marano has been promoted to Chair of the Finance, Community and Services Committee. It is public knowledge that he is determined to ha ve the skateboard park in Ruscutters Bay built. His nomination is surprising taking into consideration his behaviour and offensive statements to residents in 2019 and considering the amount of requests sent to the Woollahra Council CEO and Liberal Party asking for disciplinary measures following his offensive public statements which in breach of the Code of Conduct.

The Finance committee is considering the existing plan of management for sea steps in Yarranabbe Park which has been very unpopular and with the skatepark in Rushcutters Bay Park which is also very unpopular.

We are waiting for a decision from the Heritage Office to Heritage list both Rushcutters and Yarranabbe parks. The Interim Heritage Order has expired on January 30 2020 and nothing has been forthcoming from the Heritage Office, however, in the agenda attached they are talking about a decision from the Heritage office in March 2020 after consideration has been given to the previous Plan of Management, which includes a skateboard facility in

Rushcutters Bay park and sea steps in Yarranabbe Park.

We feel that the Heritage Officed has postponed its decision under pressure from Woollahra Council to see its plan of management implemented.

Please find the link to the extract 17th February 2020 below

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