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Update to Correspondence with WMC regarding Yarranabbe Park and Rushcutters Bay Park POM

The Darling Point Society has responded to the Director - Infrastructure and Stability. Tom O'Hanlon.

We have not had a formal response as yet, and will provide an update when we do.

Please find the letter sent the 18th August 2021, with the Yarranabbe Park Draft Plan of Management listed below for more information.

Letter sent to Tom O'Hanlon by the Darling Point Society Inc - 18th August 2021:

Tom 0'hanlon reply 18082021
Download PDF • 142KB

Yarranabbe Park Draft Plan of Management, created by Woollahra Municipal Council:

Yarranabbe Park Concept Plan - 24082021
Download PDF • 1.79MB

A magnified image of the proposed Yarranabbe Park Plaza:

POM concept plan 2021
Download PDF • 2.63MB

The Darling Point Society Inc thanks the community for the ongoing support, that allows us to continue our work.

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