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Residents' Representatives & Residents Open Letter Of Objection - 1st May 2023

Updated: May 2, 2023

Dear Members and Fellow Residents,

On 27th March 2023 Woollahra Municipal Council passed a resolution at the Ordinary Council Meeting, to no longer publish notifications in the Wentworth Courier of Development Applications and other matters that affect residents. Seven Councillors supported this and seven opposed it. Mayor, Susan Wynne’s deciding vote passed the resolution.

The Darling Point Society does not believe this decision is in the best interest of residents.

Following (here below) is The Darling Point Society’s Open Letter of Objection calling for a rescission motion to this resolution, co-signed by The Paddington Society and other residents, which has been submitted to WMCouncil. Please feel free to copy and paste any section of that in your submission to “Your Say” should you choose to do so.

WMCouncil is now inviting responses to this resolution: Draft Woollahra Community Participation Plan (Amendment 1) which proposes the changes and inviting comments until the 26th May 2023.

You can do this on Council’s Your Say website and we encourage all residents to lodge their views directly with Council via this link.

The Residents' Representatives & Residents Open Letter Of Objection to the Woollahra Municipal Council, in PDF format below:

Open Letter of Objection to WMCouncil
Download PDF • 285KB

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