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Residents object to trailers parked in Darling Point streets

Updated: May 28, 2021

According to the Woollahra council website:

Parking restrictions in accordance with the New South Wales Road Rules are enforced by Council's Rangers and comprise two types of regulations, statutory and sign posted. Statutory restrictions must be adhered to by all motorists in accordance with the New South Wales Road Rules, whether sign posted or not. All sign posted restrictions must also be complied with.

For some time (at least 5 months) the trailer-shed in Etham Avenue Darling Point has been gathering refuse and rubbish inside it’s loose easy-to-open doorway. It has now reached the state of being a health hazard, as well as being visually quite objectionable. This will be contrasted to the council’s obvious failure to enforce such clearly prescribed parking regulations or for that matter any parking regulations at all.

The trailer is parked in such a way that an illegal parking space is left between it and the kerb. So there is an illegally parked car there most evenings, blocking visibility at a very dangerous intersection. It stays there morning and night and has been there for fully five months. We have complained repeatedly to the council

What are the rangers doing in their working week if they can develop such glaring blindspots?

Many more park for periods exceeding one month, boat trailers, box trailers, horse floats, any large trailer taking 2 or more car spaces are parked in our streets.

Residents consider it is unfair and inequitable for these vehicles to take up scarce street parking.

Complaints to council have not been heard.

Parking restrictions similar to the northern end of New Beach Road may be required.

The correspondence is listed below in PDF format:

Letter requesting action to local member Hon Gabrielle Upton MP:

Letter to Gabrielle Upton 27052021
Download PDF • 129KB

Letter from Mr Max Hereford requesting action to local council Regulator Colin DeCosta:

Colin DeCosta on box trailers
Download PDF • 77KB

Letter to the Darling Point Society Inc from Mr Max Hereford regarding the Trailers parked in Darling Point:

Trailer Shed
Download PDF • 83KB

The Darling Point Society is taking up the issue and will keep you informed of progress.

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