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New survey by Woollahra Council: Crown Reserves survey deadline July 2020

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Woollahra Council has issued a new on-line survey of its Crown Reserves, ie., spaces it has delegated control over but doesn't own.

Council aims to produce a new Plan of Management for these spaces based on this survey, including Rushcutters Bay Park, so it can claim a skate park is wanted by constituents and their $1.1 million plan is justified.

It is very important you respond to this survey by their July 2020 deadline and send an unequivocal message: no built structures and unhindered access to open spaces.

It is vital council gets the message loud and clear.

This survey differs in scope from the previous, wider, 2019 survey about open spaces generally, which did not produce council's desired response

Please click on the link below to submit your survey response:

We answered every question the same: "No built structures and unhindered access to open spaces". Could we suggest you do likewise?

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