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New development in the heart of darling point - 27th February 2022

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Three Art Deco Darling Point apartment blocks with views of Sydney Harbour and the CBD skyline are tipped to fetch more than $45m.

Collectively known as The Hill, the three Conley Art Deco apartment blocks which is being sold in a line is of course a potential disastrous development site for The Hill . Clearly 38b, 2 & 4 Loftus were built by the same contemporaneous builder. His substantial 4 or 5 floor building is probably and he will be highly worried by all this. And, behind his property is "Mona" - a very historical building, one of Darling Point's oldest - which is heritage listed.

Expressions of interest for “The Hill” close on March 23.

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