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Filming and Production at the Swifts 16/01/2023

The Swifts have a new film production commencing 16/01/2023. The shoot is running for a period of one week.

This is an extract from the media release from the production company:

"Tomorrow, we have extra people on the ground ensuring our production crew are only parking in our permitted spaces.

We have fewer permitted parking spaces directly in front of Swifts.

All additional trucks and vans have been directed to park at the domain car park in Woolloomooloo, after dropping off their equipment.

Our other permitted spaces are around the corner on Thornton Avenue. This will just be for our horses and carts and our camera truck......

Our costume, make-up and wigs trucks and the cast green rooms will be parked in King’s Cross. The cast and crew will be dropped at set by shuttle bus instead of parking on the streets.
This has made a significant reduction in our footprint.

Our filming period for each day commences later in the day, so we won’t have any loud trucks coming early in the morning."

The parking layout and arrangement is available below:

The production company has expressed that it is happy to work in with the residents and a media release for review.

Fliming media release 16012023
Download PDF • 160KB

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