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Exhibition: Heritage listing of 'Cardy's Building', 133 New South Head Rd and 549 Glenmore Rd

The Woollahra Municipal Council has invited comment on the planning proposal, seeking to list Cadry's Building, 133 New South Head Rd and the early Victorian sandstone cottage at 549 Glenmore Rd for Heritage Listing. This in accordance with Schedule 5 of the Woollahra Local Environmental Plan 2014.

The exhibition period is from the 6th April to 20th May 2022. Select Heritage listing 133 New South Head Road and 549 Glenmore Road, when responding the the public exhibition.

Please visit the link below to provide feedback to the Public Exhibition:

Alternative contact method:

Send submission in writing to:

The General Manager at Woollahra Council,

PO Box 61,

Double Bay, NSW, 1360

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