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2020 Community Survey

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

The Darling Point Society Inc has just conducted a community survey, seeking to understand the diversity and quantify the uses of the public green space in Darling Point. The results showed that a majority, in fact 91% used the Rushcutter's Bay Park and Yarranabbee Park regularly as a communal space.

The survey was carried out in the Darling Point and neighbouring areas using mail drops and an online form. The questionnaire identified the locality of the responder. 70% of the responses were from Darling Point, 10% from adjacent areas and 11% from elsewhere in the Woollahra Municipality.

Most of the activities undertaken by the survey responders were walking, keeping fit, jogging, dog walking and tennis. All these activities, including social gatherings take place in the open space in Darling Point and the surrounding communal areas. This is shown in the 96% response rate stating that they did not support the loss of green space and vistas in Rushcutter's Bay Park.

The heritage trees and green vistas were considered a highly important aspect of the area. 97% of the responders valued the established trees with 96% stating that they did not support the loss of green space in Rushcutter's Bay Park.

98% of responders were against the Skate Park proposed for Rushcutter's Bay Park although a majority were in favour of a Skate Park elsewhere in or near the Municipality.

20% of responders had witnessed drug dealing in the Municipality with 76% of responders of the view that a Skate Park in Rushcutter's Bay Park would make this a high-risk area.

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