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The Darling Point Society Inc SMH response letter - 11th August 2022

The Sydney Morning Herald published an article on the 8th August 2022, covering the proposed Skate Park development in Rushcutters Bay Park.

The Darling Point Society Inc has responded and included a letter to the local community and members highlighting the actions taken to preserve the green space in Darling Point.

Sydney Morning Herald article Can they make it more obvious? Skaterboys dispair. Article written by Michael Koziol, 8th August 2022:

Can they make it any more obvious_ Skater boys despair - Sydney Morning Herald, 8_8_2022
Download P • 405KB

The Darling Point Society Inc response letter, to the Local Community and Society Members, 11th August 2022:

Local Community Skate Park Response letter with letterhead 11082022
Download PDF • 152KB

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