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Skateboard Park Rushcutters Bay resurfacing at Finance and Community Meeting 01/08/2022 6.30 PM

With great disappointment and after 6-7 years of fighting against the skateboard park - lets make it sound softer - youth recreation facility - is resurfacing out of the blue after claims from woollahra council that wasn’t going ahead.

It is to be voted on at the Finance, Community and Services meeting on Monday 1 August 2022 at 6.30 pm without notice to the public. The agenda item is marked as R1.

After several petitions totalling over 4,000 refusals and several surveys also returning negative responses, we are again faced with its impending erection. Somehow the truth was kept in the shadow.

The heritage impact statement which is to be used to make a hole in the heritage listing of Rushcutters Bay park has finally been completed after countless requests to see it and council denials that it was happening. This is an obvious break of trust.

Disappointment has suddenly come to the fore with our council. It is to be noted that all 15 Councillors on Woollahra Council are in favour of erecting the skateboard park.

The Committee

Darling Point Society Inc.

Please download the meeting agenda, in PDF format and find the meeting link listed below:

FC-and-S-Agenda-1-Aug-2022-FINAL - Skatepark Item R1
Download PDF • 40.58MB

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