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Darling Point Wharf Upgrade - Project planning approval received

The Submissions Report for the Darling Point Wharf has been completed.

During consultation on the Woollahra Municipal Council received 35 submissions. The key feedback topics raised included:

proposal design

transport, traffic and access

landscape character and visual impacts


noise and vibration

Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal heritage

wharf management


proposal justification

climate change


During detailed design development and following community feedback, some changes to the design:

A new pathway in Darling Point Reserve that meets accessibility standards and provides a level connection with the park gate

Removing the proposed stairs next to the lift in Darling Point Reserve and upgrading the existing steps instead

Relocating the entry of the waiting area to the end that is closer to the lift

Changing the kiss-and-ride zone to an informal drop-off zone and repositioning to the eastern side of the cul-de-sac

Progressing with a glass lift façade for customer safety and security

Lowering the lift height by approximately one metre to reduce visual impact of the lift

Providing more seating for customer comfort

Additional options for site shed locations within Darling Point Reserve and/or McKell Park to reduce the area needed in the cul-de-sac

Undertaking work to protect the existing sewer line in Darling Point Reserve, resulting in the removal of three trees

Upgrading the existing wharf power supply through McKell Park; trenching work will result in the removal of one tree.

Trees will be replaced in consultation with Woollahra Council.

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