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Darling Point Society Inc 2020 Christmas Message

2020 has been a year of legendary tragedy and challenges across the globe, causing many normal events to have been cancelled as a result of the pandemic.

Whilst the DPS has been no exception to this we have, via the work of our committee and many members and proactive friends, kept a watchful eye on issues throughout the year that affect our main areas of concern, namely preserving heritage and protecting green open spaces.

To this end we have been delighted to have obtained State Heritage Listing for both Yarranabee and Rushcutter's Bay parks. This gives increased protections against infrastructure incursions, such as a skatepark being built in Rushcutter's Bay Park parallel to New South Head Road. This is in addition to our earlier Local Heritage Listing of the seawall that runs the length of both parks.

We have campaigned against the NSW State Government's proposed plan to amalgamate the management and control of all Crown Lands under one authority, because we feel that this will vastly reduce the possible necessary strength of the voice of locals over any proposed changes to green open spaces.

We have been working with Woollahra councillors on the issue of intrusive outside white lighting that is increasingly appearing throughout the municipality.

New regulations are going to be put before Council so that people generally are made more aware of the importance of choosing warm, rather than white, LED bulbs, ensuring that they are directed downwards or shielded with devices that can be retrofitted to existing light fittings, are positioned low to where the light is needed and where appropriate security lights are mounted with a motion sensor.

We very much missed having our usually highly popular social gatherings this year of our July afternoon tea at Lindesay and our AGM at RANSA, but we fortunately managed to hold an end-of-year well-attended dinner that forty enjoyed at the Flavour of India restaurant in December.

2021 will hopefully see us having our AGM in February and our afternoon tea at Lindesay in July and until then we wish you all a safe and joyful holiday season and a healthy, happy 2021.

Charlotte Feldman

and the DPS Committee

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